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ESCRT-III-driven piecemeal micro-ER-phagy remodels the ER during recovery from ER stress
M. Loi, A. Raimondi, D. Morone, M. Molinari
in Nat Commun (2019) vol. 10 pp5058

Design of polymeric nanocapsules to improve their lympho-targeting capacity
J. Crecente-Campo, T. Virgilio, D. Morone, C. Calvino-Sampedro, I. Fernandez-Marino, A. Olivera, R. Varela-Calvino, S. F. Gonzalez, M. J. Alonso
in Nanomedicine (Lond) (2019)

Incomplete genetic reconstitution of B cell pools contributes to prolonged immunosuppression after measles
V. N. Petrova, B. Sawatsky, A. X. Han, B. M. Laksono, L. Walz, E. Parker, K. Pieper, C. A. Anderson, R. D. de Vries, A. Lanzavecchia, P. Kellam, V. von Messling, R. L. de Swart, C. A. Russell
in Sci Immunol (2019) vol. 4

Structural Basis for Broad HIV-1 Neutralization by the MPER-Specific Human Broadly Neutralizing Antibody LN01
D. Pinto, C. Fenwick, C. Caillat, C. Silacci, S. Guseva, F. Dehez, C. Chipot, S. Barbieri, A. Minola, D. Jarrossay, G. D. Tomaras, X. Shen, A. Riva, M. Tarkowski, O. Schwartz, T. Bruel, J. Dufloo, M. S. Seaman, D. C. Montefiori, A. Lanzavecchia, D. Corti, G. Pantaleo, W. Weissenhorn
in Cell Host Microbe (2019)

Editorial overview: Overview of the articles - special section on human immunology
F. Sallusto
in Curr Opin Immunol (2019) vol. 59 ppvi

The challenges of primary biliary cholangitis: What is new and what needs to be done
B. Terziroli Beretta-Piccoli, G. Mieli-Vergani, D. Vergani, J. M. Vierling, D. Adams, G. Alpini, J. M. Banales, U. Beuers, E. Bjornsson, C. Bowlus, M. Carbone, O. Chazouilleres, G. Dalekos, A. De Gottardi, K. Harada, G. Hirschfield, P. Invernizzi, D. Jones, E. Krawitt, A. Lanzavecchia, Z. X. Lian, X. Ma, M. Manns, D. Mavilio, E. M. Quigley, F. Sallusto, S. Shimoda, M. Strazzabosco, M. Swain, A. Tanaka, M. Trauner, K. Tsuneyama, E. Zigmond, M. E. Gershwin
in J Autoimmun (2019) pp102328

A single T cell epitope drives the neutralizing anti-drug antibody response to natalizumab in multiple sclerosis patients
A. Cassotta, V. Mikol, T. Bertrand, S. Pouzieux, J. Le Parc, P. Ferrari, J. Dumas, M. Auer, F. Deisenhammer, M. Gastaldi, D. Franciotta, C. Silacci-Fregni, B. Fernandez Rodriguez, I. Giacchetto-Sasselli, M. Foglierini, D. Jarrossay, R. Geiger, F. Sallusto, A. Lanzavecchia, L. Piccoli
in Nat Med (2019) vol. 25 pp1402-1407

Frequency determination of breast tumor-reactive CD4 and CD8 T cells in humans: unveiling the antitumor immune response
M. P. Pinho, T. A. Patente, E. A. Flatow, F. Sallusto, J. A. M. Barbuto
in Oncoimmunology (2019) vol. 8 pp1607674

Protection against influenza infection requires early recognition by inflammatory dendritic cells through C-type lectin receptor SIGN-R1
M. Palomino-Segura, L. Perez, Y. Farsakoglu, T. Virgilio, I. Latino, R. D'Antuono, N. Chatziandreou, D. U. Pizzagalli, G. Wang, A. Garcia-Sastre, F. Sallusto, M. C. Carroll, O. Neyrolles, S. F. Gonzalez
in Nat Microbiol (2019)

The Tim-3-Galectin-9 Pathway and Its Regulatory Mechanisms in Human Breast Cancer
I. M. Yasinska, S. S. Sakhnevych, L. Pavlova, A. Teo Hansen Selno, A. M. Teuscher Abeleira, O. Benlaouer, I. Goncalves Silva, M. Mosimann, L. Varani, M. Bardelli, R. Hussain, G. Siligardi, D. Cholewa, S. M. Berger, B. F. Gibbs, Y. A. Ushkaryov, E. Fasler-Kan, E. Klenova, V. V. Sumbayev
in Front Immunol (2019) vol. 10 pp1594

Narcolepsy - clinical spectrum, aetiopathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment
C. L. A. Bassetti, A. Adamantidis, D. Burdakov, F. Han, S. Gay, U. Kallweit, R. Khatami, F. Koning, B. R. Kornum, G. J. Lammers, R. S. Liblau, P. H. Luppi, G. Mayer, T. Pollmacher, T. Sakurai, F. Sallusto, T. E. Scammell, M. Tafti, Y. Dauvilliers
in Nat Rev Neurol (2019) vol. 15 pp519-539

Identification of a Novel Non-desmoglein Autoantigen in Pemphigus Vulgaris
G. Di Lullo, V. Calabresi, F. Mariotti, G. Zambruno, A. Lanzavecchia, G. Di Zenzo
in Front Immunol (2019) vol. 10 pp1391

Enrichment of intestinal Lactobacillus by enhanced secretory IgA coating alters glucose homeostasis in P2rx7(-/-) mice
L. Perruzza, F. Strati, G. Gargari, A. M. D'Erchia, B. Fosso, G. Pesole, S. Guglielmetti, F. Grassi
in Sci Rep (2019) vol. 9 pp9315

Oxidation State Dependent Conformational Changes of HMGB1 Regulate the Formation of the CXCL12/HMGB1 Heterocomplex
E. Fassi, J. Sgrignani, G. D'Agostino, V. Cecchinato, M. Garofalo, G. Grazioso, M. Uguccioni, A. Cavalli
in Computational and Structural Biology Journal (2019) vol. 17 pp886-894

The first‐in‐class ETS inhibitor TK‐216 interferes with ETS transcription factors and synergize with lenalidomide in lymphoma
F. Spriano, E. Chung, S. Napoli, C. Tarantelli, E. Gaudio, L. Cascione, A. Cavalli, A. Rinaldi, I. Kwee, H. Ye, D. Rossi, E. Zucca, A. Stathis, K. Jessen, B. Lannutti, J. Toretsky, F. Bertoni
in Hematological Oncology (2019) vol. 37 pp322

Competing interaction partners modulate the activity of Sgs1 helicase during DNA end resection
K. Kasaciunaite, F. Fettes, M. Levikova, P. Daldrop, R. Anand, P. Cejka, R. Seidel
in EMBO J (2019) vol. 38 ppe101516

HCMV Envelope Glycoprotein Diversity Demystified
M. Foglierini, J. Marcandalli, L. Perez
in Front Microbiol (2019) vol. 10 pp1005

Sumoylation regulates the stability and nuclease activity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Dna2
L. Ranjha, M. Levikova, V. Altmannova, L. Krejci, P. Cejka
in Commun Biol (2019) vol. 2 pp174

Proteasomal and lysosomal clearance of faulty secretory proteins: ER-associated degradation (ERAD) and ER-to-lysosome-associated degradation (ERLAD) pathways
I. Fregno, M. Molinari
in Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol (2019) pp1-11

PECAM-1 Stabilizes Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity and Favors Paracellular T-Cell Diapedesis Across the Blood-Brain Barrier During Neuroinflammation
I. Wimmer, S. Tietz, H. Nishihara, U. Deutsch, F. Sallusto, F. Gosselet, R. Lyck, W. A. Muller, H. Lassmann, B. Engelhardt
in Front Immunol (2019) vol. 10 pp711

Schwann cells ER-associated degradation contributes to myelin maintenance in adult nerves and limits demyelination in CMT1B mice
V. G. Volpi, C. Ferri, I. Fregno, U. Del Carro, F. Bianchi, C. Scapin, E. Pettinato, T. Solda, M. L. Feltri, M. Molinari, L. Wrabetz, M. D'Antonio
in PLoS Genet (2019) vol. 15 ppe1008069

DDR1 role in fibrosis and its pharmacological targeting
S. Moll, A. Desmouliere, M. J. Moeller, J. C. Pache, L. Badi, F. Arcadu, H. Richter, A. Satz, S. Uhles, A. Cavalli, F. Drawnel, L. Scapozza, M. Prunotto
in Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Res (2019) ppS0167-4889(19)30075-8

Shp-2 is critical for ERK and metabolic engagement downstream of IL-15 receptor in NK cells
C. Niogret, S. M. S. Miah, G. Rota, N. P. Fonta, H. Wang, W. Held, W. Birchmeier, V. Sexl, W. Yang, E. Vivier, P. C. Ho, L. Brossay, G. Guarda
in Nat Commun (2019) vol. 10 pp1444

The Skin Commensal Yeast Malassezia Triggers a Type 17 Response that Coordinates Anti-fungal Immunity and Exacerbates Skin Inflammation
F. Sparber, C. De Gregorio, S. Steckholzer, F. M. Ferreira, T. Dolowschiak, F. Ruchti, F. R. Kirchner, S. Mertens, I. Prinz, N. Joller, T. Buch, M. Glatz, F. Sallusto, S. LeibundGut-Landmann
in Cell Host Microbe (2019) vol. 25 pp389-403 e6
free pdf: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1931312819300629?dgcid=coauthor

Induction of Potent Neutralizing Antibody Responses by a Designed Protein Nanoparticle Vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus
J. Marcandalli, B. Fiala, S. Ols, M. Perotti, W. de van der Schueren, J. Snijder, E. Hodge, M. Benhaim, R. Ravichandran, L. Carter, W. Sheffler, L. Brunner, M. Lawrenz, P. Dubois, A. Lanzavecchia, F. Sallusto, K. K. Lee, D. Veesler, C. E. Correnti, L. J. Stewart, D. Baker, K. Lore, L. Perez, N. P. King
in Cell (2019) vol. 176 pp1420-1431 e17
* J. Marcandalli and B. Fiala contributed equally to this work. L. Perez and N. P. King contributed equally to this work and are co-corresponding authors.

Seeing is believing: DNA zipping promotes DNA repair
P. Cejka
in J Biol Chem (2019) vol. 294 pp3321-3322

Stepwise 5' DNA end-specific resection of DNA breaks by the Mre11-Rad50-Xrs2 and Sae2 nuclease ensemble
E. Cannavo, G. Reginato, P. Cejka
in Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2019) vol. 116 pp5505-5513

Influenza Vaccination Induces NK-Cell-Mediated Type-II IFN Response that Regulates Humoral Immunity in an IL-6-Dependent Manner
Y. Farsakoglu, M. Palomino-Segura, I. Latino, S. Zanaga, N. Chatziandreou, D. U. Pizzagalli, A. Rinaldi, M. Bolis, F. Sallusto, J. V. Stein, S. F. Gonzalez
in Cell Rep (2019) vol. 26 pp2307-2315 e5

DNA (Hydroxy)Methylation in T Helper Lymphocytes
S. Monticelli
in Trends Biochem Sci (2019) pp S0968-0004(19)30018-0

Persistent Antibody Clonotypes Dominate the Serum Response to Influenza over Multiple Years and Repeated Vaccinations
J. Lee, P. Paparoditis, A. P. Horton, A. Fruhwirth, J. R. McDaniel, J. Jung, D. R. Boutz, D. A. Hussein, Y. Tanno, L. Pappas, G. C. Ippolito, D. Corti, A. Lanzavecchia, G. Georgiou
in Cell Host Microbe (2019) vol. 13 pp367-376

NBS1 promotes the endonuclease activity of the MRE11-RAD50 complex by sensing CtIP phosphorylation
R. Anand, A. Jasrotia, D. Bundschuh, S. M. Howard, L. Ranjha, M. Stucki, P. Cejka
in EMBO J (2019) vol. 38 ppe101005

Two-Photon Intravital Imaging of Leukocytes in the Trachea During Pneumococcal Infection
M. Palomino-Segura, S. F. Gonzalez
in Methods Mol Biol (2019) vol. 1968 pp183-194

Unexpected Receptor Functional Mimicry Elucidates Activation of Coronavirus Fusion
A. C. Walls, X. Xiong, Y. J. Park, M. A. Tortorici, J. Snijder, J. Quispe, E. Cameroni, R. Gopal, M. Dai, A. Lanzavecchia, M. Zambon, F. A. Rey, D. Corti, D. Veesler
in Cell (2019) vol. 176 pp1026-1039

The contribution of active and passive mechanisms of 5mC and 5hmC removal in human T lymphocytes is differentiation- and activation-dependent
L. Vincenzetti, C. Leoni, M. Chirichella, I. Kwee, S. Monticelli
in Eur J Immunol (2019) vol. 49 pp611-625

P2X7 receptor restrains pathogenic Tfh cell generation in systemic lupus erythematosus
C. E. Faliti, R. Gualtierotti, E. Rottoli, M. Gerosa, L. Perruzza, A. Romagnani, G. Pellegrini, B. De Ponte Conti, R. L. Rossi, M. Idzko, E. M. C. Mazza, S. Bicciato, E. Traggiai, P. L. Meroni, F. Grassi
in J Exp Med (2019) vol. 216 pp317-336

ATP released by intestinal bacteria limits the generation of protective IgA against enteropathogens
M. Proietti, L. Perruzza, D. Scribano, G. Pellegrini, R. D'Antuono, F. Strati, M. Raffaelli, S. F. Gonzalez, M. Thelen, W. D. Hardt, E. Slack, M. Nicoletti, F. Grassi
in Nat Commun (2019) vol. 10 pp250

Engineering polymeric nanocapsules for an efficient drainage and biodistribution in the lymphatic system
A. S. Cordeiro, J. Crecente-Campo, B. Lopez-Bouzo, S. F. Gonzalez, M. de la Fuente, M. J. Alonso
in J Drug Target (2019) pp1-52

The Antibody Response to Plasmodium falciparum: Cues for Vaccine Design and the Discovery of Receptor-Based Antibodies
J. Tan, L. Piccoli, A. Lanzavecchia
in Annu Rev Immunol (2019) vol. 37 pp225-246

A selective ER-phagy exerts procollagen quality control via a Calnexin-FAM134B complex
A. Forrester, C. De Leonibus, P. Grumati, E. Fasana, M. Piemontese, L. Staiano, I. Fregno, A. Raimondi, A. Marazza, G. Bruno, M. Iavazzo, D. Intartaglia, M. Seczynska, E. van Anken, I. Conte, M. A. De Matteis, I. Dikic, M. Molinari, C. Settembre
in EMBO J (2019) vol. 38 ppe99847

Detection and kinetics of persistent neutralizing anti-interferon-beta antibodies in patients with multiple sclerosis. Results from the ABIRISK prospective cohort study
P. E. H. Jensen, C. Warnke, K. Ingenhoven, L. Piccoli, M. Gasis, C. Hermanrud, B. M. Fernandez-Rodriguez, M. Ryner, D. Kramer, J. Link, R. Ramanujam, M. Auer, D. Buck, V. Grummel, E. Bertotti, N. Fissolo, B. Oliver-Martos, P. Nytrova, M. Khalil, M. Guger, S. Rathmaier, C. Sievers-Stober, R. L. P. Lindberg, S. Hassler, D. Bachelet, O. Aktas, N. Donnellan, A. Lawton, B. Hemmer, E. K. Havrdova, B. Kieseier, H. P. Hartung, M. Comabella, X. Montalban, T. Derfuss, F. Sellebjerg, P. Donnes, M. Pallardy, S. Spindeldreher, P. Broet, F. Deisenhammer, A. Fogdell-Hahn, P. S. Sorensen, Abirisk Consortium
in J Neuroimmunol (2019) vol. 326 pp19-27