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Mengyun Hu and Sara Ravasio IRB Student awardees 2017-2018

on Friday, May 18, 2018

During the annual IRB Student Retreat, which took place on May 2 - 4 in Einsiedeln, Mengyun Hu (Cellular Immunology Lab) and Sara Ravasio (Immune Regulation Lab) were announced as the grantees of the sixth IRB student award. This award is meant to acknowledge the students’ participation, effort and improvements during the IRB PhD program and journal club series. The Awardees were selected by Dr. Silvia Monticelli, Coordinator of the PhD Program, with the help of other Group Leaders and senior scientists at IRB.

The annual three days-long student retreat, organized outside the IRB headquarters, gives the IRB students the opportunity to present an abstract, a poster and/or to give a seminar about their research project and results. It was co-organized by Prof. Marcus Thelen and three PhD students: Maura Garofalo, Stefan Emming and Philipp Paparoditis.

Dr. Jens Geginat (National Institute of Molecular Genetic (INGM), Milan, IT), Dr. Sarel Fleishman (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, IL) and Susana Minguet (University of Freiburg, DE) were the international experts in the research areas of the IRB who attended the 2018 retreat and gave a seminar.

The IRB wishes to congratulate Mengyun and Sara for their achievements.

The award is designed by Mrs. Bea Pasteris and realized by ODEONsign, Bellinzona.