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Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Istituto di Ricerca in Biomedicina

Via Vincenzo Vela 6 - CH-6500 Bellinzona
Tel. +41 91 820 0300 - Fax +41 91 820 0302 - info [at] irb [dot] usi [dot] ch

Gene Expression and Protein Production Facility (GEPP)

Manager: Laurent Perez


The aim of the IRB Gene Expression and Protein Purification Platform (GEPP) is to provide training to IRB researchers seeking advice in protein expression, purification and characterization. The group possesses specific expertise in host-pathogen interactions and vaccine design. Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) and Circular Dichroism (CD) spectroscopy instruments are freely accessible after training. The team is also interested in collaborative efforts on infectious diseases with unmet medical need and collaborate with different IRB groups.

In addition to its training purpose, the team is actively pursuing research activities by obtaining competitive grants. The team specialized in vaccine-design and protein interaction uses biocomputing (Foglierini et al., Front Microbiol, 2019), biophysics, biochemistry (Tan et al., Nat Med, 2018) and cell-based approaches. Recent achievements of the team include the dissection of the molecular mechanisms of the human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) entry, characterization of its structural aspects (Kabanova et al., Nat Microbiol, 2016; Martinez-Martin et al., Cell, 2018) and generation of an RSV nanoparticle-based vaccine (Marcandalli et al., Cell, 2019). The team aim is to investigate host-pathogen interactions at the molecular level and use nanoparticle-based vaccine design, structural biology and protein engineering to fight infectious agents.