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Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Istituto di Ricerca in Biomedicina

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Carmela Galli Molinari, MSc

Controllo della produzione proteica


Via Vela, 6
6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland

Cellular Responses to Variations in ER Homeostasis and Protein Load
Revealing Mechanisms Regulating Recovery from Transient ER Stress in Mammalian Cells
The Function and Regulation of ER-Phagy During ER Homeostasis and Stress
Endoplasmic Reticulum and Lysosomal Quality Control of Four Nonsense Mutants of Iduronate 2-Sulfatase Linked to Hunter's Syndrome
A. Marazza, C. Galli, E. Fasana, J. Sgrignani, P. Burda, E. M. A. Fassi, M. Baumgartner, A. Cavalli, M. Molinari
in DNA Cell Biol (2020) vol. 39 pp226-234
ER-to-lysosome-associated degradation of proteasome-resistant ATZ polymers occurs via receptor-mediated vesicular transport
I. Fregno, E. Fasana, T. J. Bergmann, A. Raimondi, M. Loi, T. Solda, C. Galli, R. D'Antuono, D. Morone, A. Danieli, P. Paganetti, E. van Anken, M. Molinari
in EMBO J (2018) vol. 37 pp e99259
Translocon component Sec62 acts in endoplasmic reticulum turnover during stress recovery
F. Fumagalli, J. Noack, T. J. Bergmann, E. C. Presmanes, G. B. Pisoni, E. Fasana, I. Fregno, C. Galli, M. Loi, T. Solda, R. D'Antuono, A. Raimondi, M. Jung, A. Melnyk, S. Schorr, A. Schreiber, L. Simonelli, L. Varani, C. Wilson-Zbinden, O. Zerbe, K. Hofmann, M. Peter, M. Quadroni, R. Zimmermann, M. Molinari
in Nat Cell Biol (2016) vol. 18 pp1173-1184
Fumagalli, F. , Noack J. and Bergmann T. contributed equally to this work. * Recommended by the Faculty of 1000
Chronic delivery of antibody fragments using immunoisolated cell implants as a passive vaccination tool
O. Marroquin Belaunzaran, M. I. Cordero, V. Setola, S. Bianchi, C. Galli, N. Bouche, V. Mlynarik, R. Gruetter, C. Sandi, J. C. Bensadoun, M. Molinari, P. Aebischer
in PLoS One (2011) vol. 6 ppe18268
Malectin Participates in a Backup Glycoprotein Quality Control Pathway in the Mammalian ER
C. Galli, R. Bernasconi, T. Solda, V. Calanca, M. Molinari
in PLoS One (2011) vol. 6 ppe16304
Cyclosporine a-sensitive, cyclophilin B-dependent endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation
R. Bernasconi, T. Solda, C. Galli, T. Pertel, J. Luban, M. Molinari
in PLoS One (2010) vol. 5 ppe13008
Stringent requirement for HRD1, SEL1L, and OS-9/XTP3-B for disposal of ERAD-LS substrates
R. Bernasconi, C. Galli, V. Calanca, T. Nakajima, M. Molinari
in J Cell Biol (2010) vol. 188 pp223-35
* Highlights in J. Cell Biol 188, 176
Segregation and rapid turnover of EDEM1 by an autophagy-like mechanism modulates standard ERAD and folding activities
T. Cali, C. Galli, S. Olivari, M. Molinari
in Biochem Biophys Res Commun (2008) vol. 371 pp405-10
Substrate-specific requirements for UGT1-dependent release from calnexin
T. Solda, C. Galli, R. J. Kaufman, M. Molinari
in Mol Cell (2007) vol. 27 pp238-49
Persistent glycoprotein misfolding activates the glucosidase II/UGT1-driven calnexin cycle to delay aggregation and loss of folding competence
M. Molinari, C. Galli, O. Vanoni, S. M. Arnold, R. J. Kaufman
in Mol Cell (2005) vol. 20 pp503-12
The use of calnexin and calreticulin by cellular and viral glycoproteins
M. Pieren, C. Galli, A. Denzel, M. Molinari
in J Biol Chem (2005) vol. 280 pp28265-71
beta-site specific intrabodies to decrease and prevent generation of Alzheimer's Abeta peptide
P. Paganetti, V. Calanca, C. Galli, M. Stefani, M. Molinari
in J Cell Biol (2005) vol. 168 pp863-8
* Comments in NIBR Science Summer 2005
A novel stress-induced EDEM variant regulating endoplasmic reticulum-associated glycoprotein degradation
S. Olivari, C. Galli, H. Alanen, L. Ruddock, M. Molinari
in J Biol Chem (2005) vol. 280 pp2424-8
EDEM contributes to maintenance of protein folding efficiency and secretory capacity
K. K. Eriksson, R. Vago, V. Calanca, C. Galli, P. Paganetti, M. Molinari
in J Biol Chem (2004) vol. 279 pp44600-5
Contrasting functions of calreticulin and calnexin in glycoprotein folding and ER quality control
M. Molinari, K. K. Eriksson, V. Calanca, C. Galli, P. Cresswell, M. Michalak, A. Helenius
in Mol Cell (2004) vol. 13 pp125-35
Role of EDEM in the release of misfolded glycoproteins from the calnexin cycle
M. Molinari, V. Calanca, C. Galli, P. Lucca, P. Paganetti
in Science (2003) vol. 299 pp1397-400
* Comments in Science 299, 1330-1331; Nature Reviews Molecular and Cellular Biology, 4, 259; Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 10, 319-321; Recommended by the Faculty of 1000
Sequential assistance of molecular chaperones and transient formation of covalent complexes during protein degradation from the ER
M. Molinari, C. Galli, V. Piccaluga, M. Pieren, P. Paganetti
in J Cell Biol (2002) vol. 158 pp247-57
Action site and cellular effects of cytotoxin VacA produced by Helicobacter pylori
E. Papini, B. Satin, M. de Bernard, M. Molinari, B. Arico, C. Galli, J. R. Telford, R. Rappuoli, C. Montecucco
in Folia Microbiol (Praha) (1998) vol. 43 pp279-84
The acid activation of Helicobacter pylori toxin VacA: structural and membrane binding studies
M. Molinari, C. Galli, M. de Bernard, N. Norais, J. M. Ruysschaert, R. Rappuoli, C. Montecucco
in Biochem Biophys Res Commun (1998) vol. 248 pp334-40
Selective inhibition of Ii-dependent antigen presentation by Helicobacter pylori toxin VacA
M. Molinari, M. Salio, C. Galli, N. Norais, R. Rappuoli, A. Lanzavecchia, C. Montecucco
in J Exp Med (1998) vol. 187 pp135-40
Vacuoles induced by Helicobacter pylori toxin contain both late endosomal and lysosomal markers
M. Molinari, C. Galli, N. Norais, J. L. Telford, R. Rappuoli, J. P. Luzio, C. Montecucco
in J Biol Chem (1997) vol. 272 pp25339-44
Expression of the VacA Cytotoxin of Helicobacter pylori in the Cell Cytosol and Alteration of Membrane Trafficking
M. de Bernard, E. Papini, M. Molinari, B. Arico, B. Satin, C. Galli, J. R. Telford, R. Rappuoli, C. Montecucco
in Acta Med. Rom. (1997) vol. 35 pp625-633