Liver disease associated to alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency: a paper by Molinari’s lab published in the EMBO Journal uncovers the signals encoding clearance of ATZ polymers

About 10% of the children with alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency must undergo liver transplantation. Their hepatocytes fail to properly degrade polymers of mutant alpha1-antitrypsin (ATZ), whose accumulation is highly toxic to cells. In these patients, elusive genetic and/or environmental modifiers contribute to the harmful progression of the disease caused by the Z mutation, thus resulting in dramatic […]

LICTOR, a new powerful tool to prevent systemic light-chain amyloidosis

Systemic light-chain amyloidosis (AL) is the most common form of a group of diseases associated with protein misfolding, leading to deposition of insoluble structures in different organs. Due to the AL non-specific symptoms, an early diagnosis is often not possible. Nevertheless, a prompt detection is essential to prevent organ failure and death. A study published […]

Prof. Petr Cejka appointed member of EMBO

Bellinzona, June 8, 2021 – The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) has appointed Prof. Petr Cejka, group leader at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB, affiliated to USI), as one of its new members. This is the third time that a researcher active in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland has been appointed by the […]

The Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine conferred to Prof. Antonio Lanzavecchia

Bellinzona, May 20, 2021. Antonio Lanzavecchia, founding Director of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine for 20 years, Professor of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at the USI and Professor at the D-​BIOL’s Institute of Microbiology at the ETH Zurich, is given the Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine from the Jung Foundation for his […]

IRB Summer school “artificial intelligence methods applied to intravital imaging analysis” 14-18 June 2021

This program will cover theoretical and practical aspects regarding the application of new A.I. -based methods for the analysis of migration and interaction of immune cells captured by 4D intravital imaging data. Basic knowledge in imaging is recommended. Organizers: Santiago F. Gonzalez; Diego Pizzagalli; Pau Carrillo Mandatory registration by May 22nd  2021. Register here. More […]

ERC Advanced Grant to Petr Cejka

Prof. Petr Cejka, group leader at the IRB and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at USI, has been awarded a second highly competitive research fund by the European Union: an ERC Advanced Grant. This prestigious funding not only confirms the importance of his studies on DNA repair mechanisms in oncology, it also […]

New paper from the González’s lab

Bellinzona 13.04.2021 – A paper from the González’s lab studies how to modify the innate immune response to improve the adaptive immunity against a potential HIV vaccine. To study this mechanism, we have employed the revolutionary intravital 2-photon imaging available at the IRB in Bellinzona. Using this technique, we have studied the role of a […]

A single new weapon against multiple viruses transmitted by ticks

Bellinzona, 08.04.2021 – The bite of a tick can transmit Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus (TBEV), which can cause brain infection, hospitalisation and long term neurologic problems. TBEV is only one among half a dozen viruses that ticks can transmit, causing for instance fulminant encephalitis (brain infection) or haemorrhagic disease (bleedings) for which there is no effective […]