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Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Istituto di Ricerca in Biomedicina

Via Vincenzo Vela 6 - CH-6500 Bellinzona
Tel. +41 91 820 0300 - Fax +41 91 820 0302 - info [at] irb [dot] usi [dot] ch

David Jarrossay, PhD

Scientist, Responsible for the flow cytometry Facility

Via Vela, 6
6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland


David Jarrossay studied biology in Clermont-Ferrand (France) where he earned a degree of engineer in biotechnologies in 1991. He then moved to Marseille to work for Immunotech, a biotech company specialized in the production of antibodies where he was in charge of evaluating and developing new clones for the research. In 2000, he moved to Bellinzona where he became responsible for the FACS facility. He started there a research project on the two major subsets of circulating dendritic cells showing their specialization and complementarity. He received in 2005 a PhD degree from the University of Fribourg (CH). He’s now head of the imaging facility of the IRB. He’s also conducting research projects on plasma cells and B cells.

Structural Basis for Broad HIV-1 Neutralization by the MPER-Specific Human Broadly Neutralizing Antibody LN01
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T cells in patients with narcolepsy target self-antigens of hypocretin neurons
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An immunoregulatory and tissue-residency program modulated by c-MAF in human TH17 cells
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Phenotype and specificity of T cells in primary human cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy: IL-7Rpos long-term memory phenotype is associated with protection from vertical transmission
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Public antibodies to malaria antigens generated by two LAIR1 insertion modalities
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in Nature (2017) vol. 548 pp597-601
* Pieper K., Tan J., Piccoli, L. contributed equally to this work.
Social network architecture of human immune cells unveiled by quantitative proteomics
J. C. Rieckmann, R. Geiger, D. Hornburg, T. Wolf, K. Kveler, D. Jarrossay, F. Sallusto, S. S. Shen-Orr, A. Lanzavecchia, M. Mann, F. Meissner
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A LAIR1 insertion generates broadly reactive antibodies against malaria variant antigens
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in Nature (2016) vol. 529 pp105-9
Joshua Tan, Kathrin Pieper, Luca Piccoli equally contributed to this work and Peter Bull and Antonio Lanzavecchia jointly supervised this work.
Enhancing chemotherapy efficacy in Pten-deficient prostate tumors by activating the senescence-associated antitumor immunity
A. Toso, A. Revandkar, D. Di Mitri, I. Guccini, M. Proietti, M. Sarti, S. Pinton, J. Zhang, M. Kalathur, G. Civenni, D. Jarrossay, E. Montani, C. Marini, R. Garcia-Escudero, E. Scanziani, F. Grassi, P. P. Pandolfi, C. V. Catapano, A. Alimonti
in Cell Rep (2014) vol. 9 pp75-89
The Oral Commensal Streptococcus mitis Shows a Mixed Memory Th Cell Signature That Is Similar to and Cross-Reactive with Streptococcus pneumoniae
S. A. Engen, H. Valen Rukke, S. Becattini, D. Jarrossay, I. J. Blix, F. C. Petersen, F. Sallusto, K. Schenck
in PLoS One (2014) vol. 9 ppe104306
CXCR7 influences the migration of B cells during maturation
M. L. Humpert, D. Pinto, D. Jarrossay, M. Thelen
in Eur J Immunol (2014) vol. 44 pp694-705
Immune response: steroids drive dendritic cells
D. Jarrossay, M. Thelen
in Nat Immunol (2013) vol. 14 pp424-426
A functional BCR in human IgA and IgM plasma cells
D. Pinto, E. Montani, M. Bolli, G. Garavaglia, F. Sallusto, A. Lanzavecchia, D. Jarrossay
in Blood (2013) vol. 121 pp4110-4
Pathogen-induced human TH17 cells produce IFN-gamma or IL-10 and are regulated by IL-1beta
C. E. Zielinski, F. Mele, D. Aschenbrenner, D. Jarrossay, F. Ronchi, M. Gattorno, S. Monticelli, A. Lanzavecchia, F. Sallusto
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A neutralizing antibody selected from plasma cells that binds to group 1 and group 2 influenza A hemagglutinins
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in Science (2011) vol. 333 pp850-6
Davide Corti, Jarrod Voss, Steven J. Gamblin, Giosiana Codoni contributed equally to this work. John J. Skehel and Antonio Lanzavecchia are co-corresponding authors.
CXCR5 Expressing Human Central Memory CD4 T Cells and Their Relevance for Humoral Immune Responses
N. Chevalier, D. Jarrossay, E. Ho, D. T. Avery, C. S. Ma, D. Yu, F. Sallusto, S. G. Tangye, C. R. Mackay
in J Immunol (2011) vol. 186 pp5556-68
CCR6 is expressed on an IL-10-producing, autoreactive memory T cell population with context-dependent regulatory function
L. Rivino, P. Gruarin, B. Haringer, S. Steinfelder, L. Lozza, B. Steckel, A. Weick, E. Sugliano, D. Jarrossay, A. A. Kuhl, C. Loddenkemper, S. Abrignani, F. Sallusto, A. Lanzavecchia, J. Geginat
in J Exp Med (2010) vol. 207 pp565-77
P. Gruarin and B. Häringer contributed equally to this paper.
Analysis of memory B cell responses and isolation of novel monoclonal antibodies with neutralizing breadth from HIV-1-infected individuals
D. Corti, J. P. Langedijk, A. Hinz, M. S. Seaman, F. Vanzetta, B. M. Fernandez-Rodriguez, C. Silacci, D. Pinna, D. Jarrossay, S. Balla-Jhagjhoorsingh, B. Willems, M. J. Zekveld, H. Dreja, E. O'Sullivan, C. Pade, C. Orkin, S. A. Jeffs, D. C. Montefiori, D. Davis, W. Weissenhorn, A. McKnight, J. L. Heeney, F. Sallusto, Q. J. Sattentau, R. A. Weiss, A. Lanzavecchia
in PLoS One (2010) vol. 5 ppe8805
Production of interleukin 22 but not interleukin 17 by a subset of human skin-homing memory T cells
T. Duhen, R . Geiger, D. Jarrossay, A. Lanzavecchia, F. Sallusto
in Nat Immunol (2009) vol. 10 pp857-63
Thomas Duhen and Rebekka Geiger contributed equally to this work.
Clonal dissection of the human memory B-cell repertoire following infection and vaccination
D. Pinna, D. Corti, D. Jarrossay, F. Sallusto, A. Lanzavecchia
in Eur J Immunol (2009) vol. 39 pp1260-70
Mature antigen-experienced T helper cells synthesize and secrete the B cell chemoattractant CXCL13 in the inflammatory environment of the rheumatoid joint
A. Manzo, B. Vitolo, F. Humby, R. Caporali, D. Jarrossay, F. Dell'accio, L. Ciardelli, M. Uguccioni, C. Montecucco, C. Pitzalis
in Arthritis Rheum (2008) vol. 58 pp3377-87
The strength of T cell stimulation determines IL-7 responsiveness, secondary expansion, and lineage commitment of primed human CD4+IL-7Rhi T cells
L. Lozza, L. Rivino, G. Guarda, D. Jarrossay, A. Rinaldi, F. Bertoni, F. Sallusto, A. Lanzavecchia, J. Geginat
in Eur J Immunol (2008) vol. 38 pp30-9
Identification of clonogenic common Flt3+M-CSFR+ plasmacytoid and conventional dendritic cell progenitors in mouse bone marrow
N. Onai, A. Obata-Onai, M. A. Schmid, T. Ohteki, D. Jarrossay, M. G. Manz
in Nat Immunol (2007) vol. 8 pp1207-16
Surface phenotype and antigenic specificity of human interleukin 17-producing T helper memory cells
E. V. Acosta-Rodriguez, L. Rivino, J. Geginat, D. Jarrossay, M. Gattorno, A. Lanzavecchia, F. Sallusto, G. Napolitani
in Nat Immunol (2007) vol. 8 pp639-46
Federica Sallusto and Giorgio Napolitani are co-corresponding authors.
Human pregnancy-associated malaria-specific B cells target polymorphic, conformational epitopes in VAR2CSA
L. Barfod, N. L. Bernasconi, M. Dahlback, D. Jarrossay, P. H. Andersen, A. Salanti, M. F. Ofori, L. Turner, M. Resende, M. A. Nielsen, T. G. Theander, F. Sallusto, A. Lanzavecchia, L. Hviid
in Mol Microbiol (2007) vol. 63 pp335-47
Lea Barfod and Nadia Bernasconi contributed equally to this work.
Distinct expression pattern of IFN-alpha and TNF-alpha in juvenile idiopathic arthritis synovial tissue
M. Gattorno, L. Chicha, A. Gregorio, F. Ferlito, F. Rossi, D. Jarrossay, A. Lanzavecchia, A. Martini, M. G. Manz
in Rheumatology (Oxford) (2007) vol. 46 pp657-65
Plastic downregulation of the transcriptional repressor BCL6 during maturation of human dendritic cells
S. Pantano, D. Jarrossay, S. Saccani, D. Bosisio, G. Natoli
in Exp Cell Res (2006) vol. 312 pp1312-22
Dendritic cell-derived IL-2 production is regulated by IL-15 in humans and in mice
S. Feau, V. Facchinetti, F. Granucci, S. Citterio, D. Jarrossay, S. Seresini, M. P. Protti, A. Lanzavecchia, P. Ricciardi-Castagnoli
in Blood (2005) vol. 105 pp697-702
Clonal type I interferon-producing and dendritic cell precursors are contained in both human lymphoid and myeloid progenitor populations
L. Chicha, D. Jarrossay, M. G. Manz
in J Exp Med (2004) vol. 200 pp1519-24
Chemokine receptor expression identifies Pre-T helper (Th)1, Pre-Th2, and nonpolarized cells among human CD4+ central memory T cells
L. Rivino, M. Messi, D. Jarrossay, A. Lanzavecchia, F. Sallusto, J. Geginat
in J Exp Med (2004) vol. 200 pp725-35
L. Rivino, M. Messi, and D. Jarrossay contributed equally to this work.
Specialization and complementarity in microbial molecule recognition by human myeloid and plasmacytoid dendritic cells
D. Jarrossay, G. Napolitani, M. Colonna, F. Sallusto, A. Lanzavecchia
in Eur J Immunol (2001) vol. 31 pp3388-93
Circulating blood dendritic cells from myeloid leukemia patients display quantitative and cytogenetic abnormalities as well as functional impairment
M. Mohty, D. Jarrossay, M. Lafage-Pochitaloff, C. Zandotti, F. Briere, X. N. de Lamballeri, D. Isnardon, D. Sainty, D. Olive, B. Gaugler
in Blood (2001) vol. 98 pp3750-6
The monoclonal antibody 97A6 defines a novel surface antigen expressed on human basophils and their multipotent and unipotent progenitors
H. J. Buhring, P. J. Simmons, M. Pudney, R. Muller, D. Jarrossay, A. van Agthoven, M. Willheim, W. Brugger, P. Valent, L. Kanz
in Blood (1999) vol. 94 pp2343-56
Plasmacytoid monocytes migrate to inflamed lymph nodes and produce large amounts of type I interferon
M. Cella, D. Jarrossay, F. Facchetti, O. Alebardi, H. Nakajima, A. Lanzavecchia, M. Colonna
in Nat Med (1999) vol. 5 pp919-23