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Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Istituto di Ricerca in Biomedicina

Via Vincenzo Vela 6 - CH-6500 Bellinzona
Tel. +41 91 820 0300 - Fax +41 91 820 0302 - info [at] irb [dot] usi [dot] ch

Chiara Silacci Fregni

Immune Regulation

Biomedical Scientist

Via Vela, 6
6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland

Adjuvants and the vaccine response to the DS-Cav1-stabilized fusion glycoprotein of respiratory syncytial virus
M. Sastry, B. Zhang, M. Chen, M. G. Joyce, W. P. Kong, G. Y. Chuang, K. Ko, A. Kumar, C. Silacci, M. Thom, A. M. Salazar, D. Corti, A. Lanzavecchia, G. Taylor, J. R. Mascola, B. S. Graham, P. D. Kwong
in PLoS One (2017) vol. 12 ppe0186854
Structure and Function Analysis of an Antibody Recognizing All Influenza A Subtypes
N. L. Kallewaard, D. Corti, P. J. Collins, U. Neu, J. M. McAuliffe, E. Benjamin, L. Wachter-Rosati, F. J. Palmer-Hill, A. Q. Yuan, P. A. Walker, M. K. Vorlaender, S. Bianchi, B. Guarino, A. De Marco, F. Vanzetta, G. Agatic, M. Foglierini, D. Pinna, B. Fernandez-Rodriguez, A. Fruehwirth, C. Silacci, R. W. Ogrodowicz, S. R. Martin, F. Sallusto, J. A. Suzich, A. Lanzavecchia, Q. Zhu, S. J. Gamblin, J. J. Skehel
in Cell (2016) vol. 166 pp596-608
Protective monotherapy against lethal Ebola virus infection by a potently neutralizing antibody
D. Corti, J. Misasi, S. Mulangu, D. A. Stanley, M. Kanekiyo, S. Wollen, A. Ploquin, N. A. Doria-Rose, R. P. Staupe, M. Bailey, W. Shi, M. Choe, H. Marcus, E. A. Thompson, A. Cagigi, C. Silacci, B. Fernandez-Rodriguez, L. Perez, F. Sallusto, F. Vanzetta, G. Agatic, E. Cameroni, N. Kisalu, I. Gordon, J. E. Ledgerwood, J. R. Mascola, B. S. Graham, J. J. Muyembe-Tamfun, J. C. Trefry, A. Lanzavecchia, N. J. Sullivan
in Science (2016) vol. 351 pp1339-42
Davide Corti and John Misasi equally contributed to this work; John C. Trefry, Antonio Lanzavecchia, and Nancy J. Sullivan equally contributed to this work.
Rapid development of broadly influenza neutralizing antibodies through redundant mutations
L. Pappas, M. Foglierini, L. Piccoli, N. L. Kallewaard, F. Turrini, C. Silacci, B. Fernandez-Rodriguez, G. Agatic, I. Giacchetto-Sasselli, G. Pellicciotta, F. Sallusto, Q. Zhu, E. Vicenzi, D. Corti, A. Lanzavecchia
in Nature (2014) vol. 516 pp418-22
Davide Corti and Antonio Lanzavecchia equally contributed to this work.
Cross-neutralization of four paramyxoviruses by a human monoclonal antibody
D. Corti, S. Bianchi, F. Vanzetta, A. Minola, L. Perez, G. Agatic, B. Guarino, C. Silacci, J. Marcandalli, B. J. Marsland, A. Piralla, E. Percivalle, F. Sallusto, F. Baldanti, A. Lanzavecchia
in Nature (2013) vol. 501 pp439-43
A neutralizing antibody selected from plasma cells that binds to group 1 and group 2 influenza A hemagglutinins
D. Corti, J. Voss, S. J. Gamblin, G. Codoni, A. Macagno, D. Jarrossay, S. G. Vachieri, D. Pinna, A. Minola, F. Vanzetta, C. Silacci, B. M. Fernandez-Rodriguez, G. Agatic, S. Bianchi, I. Giacchetto-Sasselli, L. Calder, F. Sallusto, P. Collins, L. F. Haire, N. Temperton, J. P. Langedijk, J. J. Skehel, A. Lanzavecchia
in Science (2011) vol. 333 pp850-6
Davide Corti, Jarrod Voss, Steven J. Gamblin, Giosiana Codoni contributed equally to this work. John J. Skehel and Antonio Lanzavecchia are co-corresponding authors.
Crystal Structure and Size-Dependent Neutralization Properties of HK20, a Human Monoclonal Antibody Binding to the Highly Conserved Heptad Repeat 1 of gp41
C. Sabin, D. Corti, V. Buzon, M. S. Seaman, D. Lutje Hulsik, A. Hinz, F. Vanzetta, G. Agatic, C. Silacci, L. Mainetti, G. Scarlatti, F. Sallusto, R. Weiss, A. Lanzavecchia, W. Weissenhorn
in PLoS Pathog (2010) vol. 6 ppe1001195
Charles Sabin, Davide Corti, Victor Buzon equally contributed to this work.
Heterosubtypic neutralizing antibodies are produced by individuals immunized with a seasonal influenza vaccine
D. Corti, A. L. Suguitan, D. Pinna, C. Silacci, B. M. Fernandez-Rodriguez, F. Vanzetta, C. Santos, C. J. Luke, F. J. Torres-Velez, N. J. Temperton, R. A. Weiss, F. Sallusto, K. Subbarao, A. Lanzavecchia
in J Clin Invest (2010) vol. 120 pp1663-73
Davide Corti and Amorsolo L. Suguitan Jr. contributed equally to this work.
Analysis of memory B cell responses and isolation of novel monoclonal antibodies with neutralizing breadth from HIV-1-infected individuals
D. Corti, J. P. Langedijk, A. Hinz, M. S. Seaman, F. Vanzetta, B. M. Fernandez-Rodriguez, C. Silacci, D. Pinna, D. Jarrossay, S. Balla-Jhagjhoorsingh, B. Willems, M. J. Zekveld, H. Dreja, E. O'Sullivan, C. Pade, C. Orkin, S. A. Jeffs, D. C. Montefiori, D. Davis, W. Weissenhorn, A. McKnight, J. L. Heeney, F. Sallusto, Q. J. Sattentau, R. A. Weiss, A. Lanzavecchia
in PLoS One (2010) vol. 5 ppe8805