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Istituto di Ricerca in Biomedicina

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Transcriptional signature of human pro-inflammatory TH17 cells identifies reduced IL10 gene expression in multiple sclerosis
D. Hu, S. Notarbartolo, T. Croonenborghs, B. Patel, R. Cialic, T. H. Yang, D. Aschenbrenner, K. M. Andersson, M. Gattorno, M. Pham, P. Kivisakk, I. V. Pierre, Y. Lee, K. Kiani, M. Bokarewa, E. Tjon, N. Pochet, F. Sallusto, V. K. Kuchroo, H. L. Weiner
in Nat Commun (2017) vol. 8 pp1600

Phenotype and specificity of T cells in primary human cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy: IL-7Rpos long-term memory phenotype is associated with protection from vertical transmission
F. Mele, C. Fornara, D. Jarrossay, M. Furione, A. Arossa, A. Spinillo, A. Lanzavecchia, G. Gerna, F. Sallusto, D. Lilleri
in PLoS One (2017) vol. 12 ppe0187731

Adjuvants and the vaccine response to the DS-Cav1-stabilized fusion glycoprotein of respiratory syncytial virus
M. Sastry, B. Zhang, M. Chen, M. G. Joyce, W. P. Kong, G. Y. Chuang, K. Ko, A. Kumar, C. Silacci, M. Thom, A. M. Salazar, D. Corti, A. Lanzavecchia, G. Taylor, J. R. Mascola, B. S. Graham, P. D. Kwong
in PLoS One (2017) vol. 12 ppe0186854

Mitotic Spindle Assembly and Genomic Stability in Breast Cancer Require PI3K-C2alpha Scaffolding Function
F. Gulluni, M. Martini, M. C. De Santis, C. C. Campa, A. Ghigo, J. P. Margaria, E. Ciraolo, I. Franco, U. Ala, L. Annaratone, D. Disalvatore, G. Bertalot, G. Viale, A. Noatynska, M. Compagno, S. Sigismund, F. Montemurro, M. Thelen, F. Fan, P. Meraldi, C. Marchio, S. Pece, A. Sapino, R. Chiarle, P. P. Di Fiore, E. Hirsch
in Cancer Cell (2017) vol. 32 pp444-459 e7

The Atypical Receptor CCRL2 (C-C Chemokine Receptor-Like 2) Does Not Act As a Decoy Receptor in Endothelial Cells
C. Mazzotti, V. Gagliostro, D. Bosisio, A. Del Prete, L. Tiberio, M. Thelen, S. Sozzani
in Front Immunol (2017) vol. 8 pp1233

A Human Bi-specific Antibody against Zika Virus with High Therapeutic Potential
J. Wang, M. Bardelli, D. A. Espinosa, M. Pedotti, T. S. Ng, S. Bianchi, L. Simonelli, E. X. Y. Lim, M. Foglierini, F. Zatta, S. Jaconi, M. Beltramello, E. Cameroni, G. Fibriansah, J. Shi, T. Barca, I. Pagani, A. Rubio, V. Broccoli, E. Vicenzi, V. Graham, S. Pullan, S. Dowall, R. Hewson, S. Jurt, O. Zerbe, K. Stettler, A. Lanzavecchia, F. Sallusto, A. Cavalli, E. Harris, S. M. Lok, L. Varani, D. Corti
in Cell (2017) vol. 171 pp229-241 e15
* J. Wang and M. Bardelli contributed equally ; S-M Lok, L.Varani and D. Corti contributed equally.

Epicutaneous allergen application preferentially boosts specific T cell responses in sensitized patients
R. Campana, K. Moritz, A. Neubauer, H. Huber, R. Henning, T. M. Brodie, A. Kaider, F. Sallusto, S. Wohrl, R. Valenta
in Sci Rep (2017) vol. 7 pp11657

Role of B cells in T helper cell responses in a mouse model of asthma
T. P. Wypych, R. Marzi, G. F. Wu, A. Lanzavecchia, F. Sallusto
in J Allergy Clin Immunol (2017)

ALCAM (CD166) is involved in extravasation of monocytes rather than T cells across the blood-brain barrier
R. Lyck, M. A. Lecuyer, M. Abadier, C. B. Wyss, C. Matti, M. Rosito, G. Enzmann, T. Zeis, L. Michel, A. B. Garcia Martin, F. Sallusto, F. Gosselet, U. Deutsch, J. A. Weiner, N. Schaeren-Wiemers, A. Prat, B. Engelhardt
in J Cereb Blood Flow Metab (2017) vol. 37 pp2894-2909

Public antibodies to malaria antigens generated by two LAIR1 insertion modalities
K. Pieper, J. Tan, L. Piccoli, M. Foglierini, S. Barbieri, Y. Chen, C. Silacci-Fregni, T. Wolf, D. Jarrossay, M. Anderle, A. Abdi, F. M. Ndungu, O. K. Doumbo, B. Traore, T. M. Tran, S. Jongo, I. Zenklusen, P. D. Crompton, C. Daubenberger, P. C. Bull, F. Sallusto, A. Lanzavecchia
in Nature (2017) vol. 548 pp597-601

SAMHD1 Promotes DNA End Resection to Facilitate DNA Repair by Homologous Recombination
W. Daddacha, A. E. Koyen, A. J. Bastien, P. E. Head, V. R. Dhere, G. N. Nabeta, E. C. Connolly, E. Werner, M. Z. Madden, M. B. Daly, E. V. Minten, D. R. Whelan, A. J. Schlafstein, H. Zhang, R. Anand, C. Doronio, A. E. Withers, C. Shepard, R. K. Sundaram, X. Deng, W. S. Dynan, Y. Wang, R. S. Bindra, P. Cejka, E. Rothenberg, P. W. Doetsch, B. Kim, D. S. Yu
in Cell Rep (2017) vol. 20 pp1921-1935

PPARgamma in dendritic cells and T cells drives pathogenic type-2 effector responses in lung inflammation
S. P. Nobs, S. Natali, L. Pohlmeier, K. Okreglicka, C. Schneider, M. Kurrer, F. Sallusto, M. Kopf
in J Exp Med (2017) vol. 214 pp3015-3035

The Tim-3-galectin-9 Secretory Pathway is Involved in the Immune Escape of Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells
I. Goncalves Silva, I. M. Yasinska, S. S. Sakhnevych, W. Fiedler, J. Wellbrock, M. Bardelli, L. Varani, R. Hussain, G. Siligardi, G. Ceccone, S. M. Berger, Y. A. Ushkaryov, B. F. Gibbs, E. Fasler-Kan, V. V. Sumbayev
in EBioMedicine (2017)

Rituximab in multiple sclerosis: Frequency and clinical relevance of anti-drug antibodies
N. Dunn, A. Juto, M. Ryner, A. Manouchehrinia, L. Piccoli, K. Fink, F. Piehl, A. Fogdell-Hahn
in Mult Scler (2017) pp1352458517720044

ACKR3 expression on diffuse large B cell lymphoma is required for tumor spreading and tissue infiltration
V. Puddinu, S. Casella, E. Radice, S. Thelen, S. Dirnhofer, F. Bertoni, M. Thelen
in Oncotarget (2017)

Immunological phenotype of the murine Lrba knockout
L. Gamez-Diaz, J. Neumann, F. Jager, M. Proietti, F. Felber, P. Soulas-Sprauel, L. Perruzza, F. Grassi, T. Kogl, P. Aichele, M. Kilimann, B. Grimbacher, S. Jung
in Immunol Cell Biol (2017)

Epithelial-Mesenchymal transition in cancer metastasis through the lymphatic system
M. C. Karlsson, S. F. Gonzalez, J. Welin, J. Fuxe
in Mol Oncol (2017) vol. 11 pp781-791

Mitochondrial dysfunction induced by a SH2 domain-targeting STAT3 inhibitor leads to metabolic synthetic lethality in cancer cells
D. Genini, L. Brambilla, E. Laurini, J. Merulla, G. Civenni, S. Pandit, R. D'Antuono, L. Perez, D. E. Levy, S. Pricl, G. M. Carbone, C. V. Catapano
in Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2017) vol. 114 ppE4924-E4933

Transcriptional determination and functional specificity of myeloid cells: making sense of diversity
S. Monticelli, G. Natoli
in Nat Rev Immunol (2017)

CXCL12alpha/SDF-1 from perisynaptic Schwann cells promotes regeneration of injured motor axon terminals
S. Negro, F. Lessi, E. Duregotti, P. Aretini, M. La Ferla, S. Franceschi, M. Menicagli, E. Bergamin, E. Radice, M. Thelen, A. Megighian, M. Pirazzini, C. M. Mazzanti, M. Rigoni, C. Montecucco
in EMBO Mol Med (2017) vol. 9 pp1000-1010

Tackling influenza with broadly neutralizing antibodies
D. Corti, E. Cameroni, B. Guarino, N. L. Kallewaard, Q. Zhu, A. Lanzavecchia
in Curr Opin Virol (2017) vol. 24 pp60-69

Regulation of PfEMP1-VAR2CSA translation by a Plasmodium translation-enhancing factor
S. Chan, A. Frasch, C. S. Mandava, J. H. Ch'ng, M. D. P. Quintana, M. Vesterlund, M. Ghorbal, N. Joannin, O. Franzen, J. J. Lopez-Rubio, S. Barbieri, A. Lanzavecchia, S. Sanyal, M. Wahlgren
in Nat Microbiol (2017) vol. 2 pp17068

Balance of Anti-CD123 Chimeric Antigen Receptor Binding Affinity and Density for the Targeting of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
S. Arcangeli, M. C. Rotiroti, M. Bardelli, L. Simonelli, C. F. Magnani, A. Biondi, E. Biagi, S. Tettamanti, L. Varani
in Mol Ther (2017) vol. 25 pp1933-1945

Do Memory CD4 T Cells Keep Their Cell-Type Programming: Plasticity versus Fate Commitment? T-Cell Heterogeneity, Plasticity, and Selection in Humans
F. Sallusto, A. Cassotta, D. Hoces, M. Foglierini, A. Lanzavecchia
in Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol (2017)

Single or Multiple Access Channels to the CYP450s Active Site? an Answer from Free Energy Simulations of the Human Aromatase Enzyme
A. Magistrato, J. Sgrignani, R. Krause, A. Cavalli
in J Phys Chem Lett (2017) vol. 8 pp2036-2042

High-avidity IgA protects the intestine by enchaining growing bacteria
K. Moor, M. Diard, M. E. Sellin, B. Felmy, S. Y. Wotzka, A. Toska, E. Bakkeren, M. Arnoldini, F. Bansept, A. D. Co, T. Voller, A. Minola, B. Fernandez-Rodriguez, G. Agatic, S. Barbieri, L. Piccoli, C. Casiraghi, D. Corti, A. Lanzavecchia, R. R. Regoes, C. Loverdo, R. Stocker, D. R. Brumley, W. D. Hardt, E. Slack
in Nature (2017) vol. 544 pp498-502

Editorial: Regulation of Inflammation, Its Resolution and Therapeutic Targeting
M. Uguccioni, M. M. Teixeira, M. Locati, A. Mantovani
in Front Immunol (2017) vol. 8 pp415

Epithelial chemokine CXCL14 synergizes with CXCL12 via allosteric modulation of CXCR4
P. J. Collins, M. L. McCully, L. Martinez-Munoz, C. Santiago, J. Wheeldon, S. Caucheteux, S. Thelen, V. Cecchinato, J. M. Laufer, V. Purvanov, Y. R. Monneau, H. Lortat-Jacob, D. F. Legler, M. Uguccioni, M. Thelen, V. Piguet, M. Mellado, B. Moser
in FASEB J (2017) vol. 31 pp3084-3097

Structural basis for chemokine recognition by a G protein-coupled receptor and implications for receptor activation
J. J. Ziarek, A. B. Kleist, N. London, B. Raveh, N. Montpas, J. Bonneterre, G. St-Onge, C. J. DiCosmo-Ponticello, C. A. Koplinski, I. Roy, B. Stephens, S. Thelen, C. T. Veldkamp, F. D. Coffman, M. C. Cohen, M. B. Dwinell, M. Thelen, F. C. Peterson, N. Heveker, B. F. Volkman
in Sci Signal (2017) vol. 10

Activin-A co-opts IRF4 and AhR signaling to induce human regulatory T cells that restrain asthmatic responses
S. Tousa, M. Semitekolou, I. Morianos, A. Banos, A. I. Trochoutsou, T. M. Brodie, N. Poulos, K. Samitas, M. Kapasa, D. Konstantopoulos, G. Paraskevopoulos, M. Gaga, C. M. Hawrylowicz, F. Sallusto, G. Xanthou
in Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2017) vol. 114 ppE2891-E2900

T Follicular Helper Cells Promote a Beneficial Gut Ecosystem for Host Metabolic Homeostasis by Sensing Microbiota-Derived Extracellular ATP
L. Perruzza, G. Gargari, M. Proietti, B. Fosso, A. M. D'Erchia, C. E. Faliti, T. Rezzonico-Jost, D. Scribano, L. Mauri, D. Colombo, G. Pellegrini, A. Moregola, C. Mooser, G. Pesole, M. Nicoletti, G. D. Norata, M. B. Geuking, K. D. McCoy, S. Guglielmetti, F. Grassi
in Cell Rep (2017) vol. 18 pp2566-2575

Protection of calves by a prefusion-stabilized bovine RSV F vaccine
B. Zhang, L. Chen, C. Silacci Fregni, M. Thom, J. C. Boyington, A. Druz, M. G. Joyce, E. Guzman, W. P. Kong, Y. T. Lai, G. B. E. Stewart-Jones, Y. Tsybovsky, Y. Yang, T. Zhou, U. Baxa, J. R. Mascola, D. Corti, A. Lanzavecchia, G. Taylor, P. D. Kwong
in npj Vaccines (2017) vol. 2 pp7

Macrophage Death following Influenza Vaccination Initiates the Inflammatory Response that Promotes Dendritic Cell Function in the Draining Lymph Node
N. Chatziandreou, Y. Farsakoglu, M. Palomino-Segura, R. D'Antuono, D. U. Pizzagalli, F. Sallusto, V. Lukacs-Kornek, M. Uguccioni, D. Corti, S. J. Turley, A. Lanzavecchia, M. C. Carroll, S. F. Gonzalez
in Cell Rep (2017) vol. 18 pp2427-2440

Social network architecture of human immune cells unveiled by quantitative proteomics
J. C. Rieckmann, R. Geiger, D. Hornburg, T. Wolf, K. Kveler, D. Jarrossay, F. Sallusto, S. S. Shen-Orr, A. Lanzavecchia, M. Mann, F. Meissner
in Nat Immunol (2017) vol. 18 pp583-593

The motor activity of DNA2 functions as an ssDNA translocase to promote DNA end resection
M. Levikova, C. Pinto, P. Cejka
in Genes Dev (2017) vol. 31 pp493-502

Dnmt3a restrains mast cell inflammatory responses
C. Leoni, S. Montagner, A. Rinaldi, F. Bertoni, S. Polletti, C. Balestrieri, S. Monticelli
in Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2017) vol. 114 ppE1490-E1499
Commented in Science (PMID: 28232567 )

Role of SEC62 in ER maintenance: A link with ER stress tolerance in SEC62-overexpressing tumors?
T. J. Bergmann, F. Fumagalli, M. Loi, M. Molinari
in Mol Cell Oncol (2017) vol. 4 ppe1264351

Dynamic intravital imaging of cell-cell interactions in the lymph node
J. V. Stein, S. F. Gonzalez
in J Allergy Clin Immunol (2017) vol. 139 pp12-20

Modulation of chemokine receptor function by cholesterol: new prospects for pharmacological intervention
D. F. Legler, C. Matti, J. M. Laufer, B. D. Jakobs, V. Purvanov, E. Uetz-von Allmen, M. Thelen
in Mol Pharmacol (2017) vol. 91 pp331-338

The Mre11-Nbs1 Interface Is Essential for Viability and Tumor Suppression
J. H. Kim, M. Grosbart, R. Anand, C. Wyman, P. Cejka, J. H. Petrini
in Cell Rep (2017) vol. 18 pp496-507

Impairment of CCR6+ and CXCR3+ Th Cell Migration in HIV-1 Infection Is Rescued by Modulating Actin Polymerization
V. Cecchinato, E. Bernasconi, R. F. Speck, M. Proietti, U. Sauermann, G. D'Agostino, G. Danelon, T. Rezzonico Jost, F. Grassi, L. Raeli, F. Schoni-Affolter, C. Stahl-Hennig, M. Uguccioni, H. I. V. Cohort Study Swiss
in J Immunol (2017) vol. 198 pp184-195

Approaches to Detect microRNA Expression in T Cell Subsets and T Cell Differentiation
S. Monticelli, T. Aijo, S. Trifari
in Methods Mol Biol (2017) vol. 1514 pp153-172