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Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Istituto di Ricerca in Biomedicina

Via Vincenzo Vela 6 - CH-6500 Bellinzona
Tel. +41 91 820 0300 - Fax +41 91 820 0302 - info [at] irb [dot] usi [dot] ch

Cellular Immunology

Federica Sallusto, Group Leader

Eric Armentani, Camilla Basso, Antonino Cassotta, Corinne De Gregorio, Jérémie Goldstein, Mengyun Hu, Wenjie Jin, Sandra Jovic, Daniela Latorre, Roberta Marzi , Federico Mele, Sara Natali, Samuele Notarbartolo, Luana Perlini, Michela Perotti

Our work is focused on the understanding of the mechanisms that control T cell priming and regulate cytokine production and homing capacities. These questions are addressed primarily in the human system, where we combine the ex vivo analysis of memory T cell subsets with in vitro priming of naive T cells. This approach has led to the identification of chemokine receptors expressed in human Th17 and Th22 cells, and to the dissection of the cytokines that drive naive T cells polarization and modulate T cells effector functions. In parallel, we have used the mouse system to address fundamental questions on the regulation of lymphocyte trafficking during inflammation and in autoimmunity. We also developed a method for the analysis of human naive and memory CD4 and CD8 T cell repertoires based on high throughput cellular screenings of human T cell libraries. This method is currently used to dissect the human T cell response to pathogens, allergens, and self-antigens.